Trout Fishing

in and around Lumsden

Southland’s rivers are famous for trophy trout and crystal clear waters. Over 35 outstanding fishing rivers, streams and lakes are within one hour’s drive of Lumsden.

They include the Aparima, Clutha, Eglington, Eyre, Hamilton Burn, Lake Te Anau,  Lake Makarewa, Lake Wakatipu, Manapouri, Mararoa,  Mataura,  Mokoreta, Monowai,  Nevis, Oreti, Otapiri, Pomahaka, Tomogalak,  Upukerora, Von, Waiau, Waikaia, Waimea, Waipahia, Waituna Lagoon and Whitestone.

The Mataura River has an international reputation as one of the premier trout fishing rivers in the world. NZ Fish and Game reports that it has the highest population of fish per kilometre and the highest catch rate of any river in New Zealand.  It has a well-earned reputation as the ultimate in dry fly fishing with 150km of easily accessible waters many of which are within a 30-60 minutes’ drive from the hotel.

The Oreti River, which is just a short stroll from the hotel flows 130km from the Southern Alps the sea at Invercargill. Upstream from nearby Mossburn the river’s headwaters are protected by a World Conversation Order that recognises its spectacular fishery and the pristine state of the river.  It is world famous for the trophy trout found in its upper reaches where brown trout average just over 6 pounds and larger fish abound. The average fish is over 10% bigger than most other fisheries while catches now recorded at around 30 per kilometre make the upper river one of the most productive trout fisheries nationally.

A number of rivers in the region also mixed populations of rainbow and brown trout throughout the year, as some rainbows chose to become river residents rather than returning downstream to the lake after spawning.

Southland attracts anglers from around the globe and many return annually. Some of New Zealand’s most renowned trout guides are available in the region to ensure your fishing experience is all it can be. Information about guiding can be found at


The ‘world famous’ Stu’s Fishing Shop is located nearby at Athol. Visiting fisherpersons can obtain fishing supplies and licenses as well as access to professional guiding .

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